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Photo Gallery: Nosferatu / The Drippies / Nitecrawlers at Stacy's Place

Albert Limones of Nosferatu
One of Kansas City's most noteworthy punk bands of the last few years played its final show on Sunday night in Hyde Park. The Drippies -- known for their snotty "go fuck yourself" attitude and affinity for catchy '70s punk jams -- decided to call it a day earlier this year and deemed this show worthy of its last performance.

The band wasn't always consistent in having particularly tight performances, and Sunday night's set wasn't much different from earlier outings, but the vigor and energy displayed by vocalist Noah Hayes was enough to make fans yearn for the band to come back for good. Drippies sets often used to feature Hayes meandering around the band and casually collapsing on the floor after a song or two. The glimpses of a powerful frontman that fans were lucky to catch when the band was at its most active were visible for the entirety of the band's final set. And -- in true Drippies fashion -- there was some destruction. A book was ripped open, its pages covering the basement ground, and Hayes smashed a spare guitar to pieces.

The last performance of the night was from Austin, Texas band Nosferatu. Punks packed in tight to see the band perform over a dozen less-than-a-minute U.S. hardcore rippers. A few fans prepped for the madness by challenging each other to a few quick rounds of boxing using a set of gloves that had been discovered in the house. Once the band got rolling, punks were slamming like they hadn't since the Gacy's Place house stopped hosting gigs.

Nitecrawlers, which features half of The Drippies' lineup, opened the show with its second set in two days.

Full photo gallery here.

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