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Photo Gallery: Iron Cages / Warm Bodies / Mentira at The Snake Tank

Iron Cages
The speedy, unrelenting hardcore punk of D.C.'s Iron Cages sent shockwaves through the cool basement air at The Snake Tank on Wednesday night. The group's songs, which verged on becoming powerviolence, would essentially end before they began -- and that's just how they were meant to be.

The gig started with a lengthier-than-normal set from local punks Mentira. New material from an upcoming record was tested out and guitarist/vocalist Ricardo Flores dropped the guitar momentarily to rile up the crowd. A broken guitar string also gave the band and some attendees a chance to forge an impromptu comedy routine.

Warm Bodies ended the night by also injecting more antics than usual, perhaps due to a waning crowd size. Vocalist Olivia Gibb hid in the far corner of the basement while guitarist Ian Teeple snacked on one rocker's Doritos mid-song.

Full photo gallery here.

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