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Hometown Highlights: Noah Swope, NA.Locc, Zelus + more

Hometown Highlights is shorter than usual this week. Why? Because there's a lot of other cool Shuttlecock stuff on the way and there just weren't as many great songs released in the past few weeks. It's okay though, shit happens.

Mike 2X - "Touchdown"
Kye Colors has been busy readying his new project "Milk Is Nasty," but made some time produce a hit for his buddy Mike. Brimming with quotable lines and oozing a colorful, Dirty South energy, it's no surprise that Mike 2X recently performed this one twice in a row.

Noah Swope - "Sundown Syndrome"
Noah Swope is the kid next door who made a hip-hop album. His debut release "Teenage Summer" is often a bit rough around the edges, but still stands out as an ambitious homemade effort. As the title hints, the project romanticizes the feeling of summertime as a teenager and paints Swope as a misfit stoner chasing his dream girl. The twinkling pianos and sing-songy flows on "Sundown Syndrome" reflect trends set by rising acts like Khalid and Kevin Abstract while other songs introduce some uniquely Midwestern elements.

NA.Locc - "BlackOut" (ft. RU, NappyBoyAnt, and Freddie Fresh)
Kansas City hip-hop regulars are now likely familiar with Solomon, but they'll soon be meeting the rest of his No Alternatives crew. NA.Locc recently dropped his first single "BlackOut" which features an unconventional amount of bars in terms of modern hip-hop, but still maintains an invigorating party-ready feeling. This one's likely a blast to catch live.

Zelus - "Their Lives"
Zelus' SoundCloud page proclaims that "Zelus Is Still Sleeping," but a new track appeared on his profile 10 days ago. If he truly is sleeping, it'd make sense. "Their Lives" is a crackling, slow-rolling beat that sounds like it could have been made during a syrup-induced slumber.

Throat Breach - "Incestuous Piss Loving Freaks"
Casual fans may have a rough time separating one Throat Breach blast from the next, but "Incestuous Piss Loving Freaks" makes itself easy enough to identify. The second song on "Maximum Necrophilia," this tune opens up with 30 seconds of strange sound effects, followed by a minute of cutthroat grind violence. That minute of madness is cut down the middle by a short echoing drum fill that frees listeners up to do some fist pumping before getting back to headbanging.

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