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Kye Colors - "Milk Is Nasty" Stream

Kye Colors is the de facto prince of Kansas City hip-hop. He dropped his first EP at 14, his second at 15, and now, at 17, is releasing his third project "Milk Is Nasty." Along the way, Kye has befriended key figures in the scene and now reps Caviart, the crew headed by the rapper he calls his big brother, Gee Watts. With an entire burgeoning movement behind him, Kye has released his most refined project yet and his first to be available on all streaming platforms.

Pressing play on the opening track, "Special," is nothing short of stepping into Kye's own little world that he's carefully been crafting for the last year. He produced the entire project himself and has been sculpting his trademark soul-sampled beats into tracks that are more dynamic than they've ever been and can stand beside those of acclaimed acts from across the country.

One theme that pops up repeatedly on "Milk Is Nasty" is Kye's role as an underdog. The "groovy kid from the southside" issues a sorry/not sorry notice to those who didn't believe in him on "Warning" and hatches a plot to steal the trophies he deserves on "Raygun." Talent-wise, age really is but a number.

Kye, a self-proclaimed "lady magnet," also plans on stealing your girl and becoming the envy of south Kansas City. This shouldn't be a problem considering the amount of g-funk swagger he flaunts on "House Party" and "Raygun." As animated and joyous as Kye can be on stage, he is already an expert at knowing when to reel it in and offer up a smoother, more subdued delivery that older generations of hip-hop fans are accustomed to. "Boosie" also registers as a win in this category; the swanky beat paired with a superb verse from Gee Watts make this track an instant classic.

Whether or not "Milk Is Nasty" launches Kye's career into the national conversation, it is  undoubtedly his best effort lyrically and musically and bests releases by artists twice his age. And that's something anyone can be proud of. Hopefully Kansas City is proud.

Stream "Milk Is Nasty" below.

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