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Photo Gallery: Post Malone / Smokepurpp at Uptown Theater

Post Malone. Photo by Morgan Jones.
Austin Post, better known as Post Malone, made his first appearance in Kansas City proper a memorable one. His 26 date Stoney tour has been selling out mid-size venues like the Uptown all across the country and after seeing his performance Monday, it's obvious why. The production was staged to look like an old western bar in a low budget film. On the right of the stage were old wooden swing doors with an arch that read "Stoney." To the left was a wooden bar that Post's DJ manned and in the middle was a large LED screen that displayed vibrant visuals during Malone's set.

Unlike many of his peers, Post made his entrance onto the stage very casual, a solo cup -- possibly containing his cherished Bud Light -- and cigarette in hand. He flashed his diamond grill to the crowd and announced how buzzed he was. He wore his usual attire of skinny jeans, boots, and a baggy t-shirt. Before starting his first song of the night, he poured the rest of his drink on the stage and took one last puff of his cigarette as his early single "Too Young" began to drift through the speakers.

Post is known for the clever ways in which he mixes rap, R&B, rock, and occasionally country. He's an avid guitar player which he showed on stage Monday evening. Before performing the tearful ballad "I Fall Apart," Post shouted into the mic, "This is for the bitch that broke my heart!" He performed the song while kneeling and holding his face in his hands; in person you can fully hear the pain that this song sprouted from.

Throughout his entire performance, Post continually interacted with his fans and thanked them for their support. He ended his set with one of his most popular songs "Congratulations." As per usual, Post stage dived into the crowd as he sang the line, "Worked so hard forgot how to vacation."

The truth is, going to a Post Malone show feels like a vacation. He manages to successfully take the audience to a whole different place from where they were before the show began. If he comes to your city, the tatted up, Texas native with a mullet is worth giving a shot.

Florida rapper Smokepurpp returned to open the show with an energetic 6 song set.

Full photo gallery here.

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