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Photo Gallery: Kye Colors Listening Party at Live At 825

Kye Colors
Kye Colors will be releasing his project "Milk Is Nasty" tomorrow (9/11), but his friends and Caviart family celebrated a bit early with a Saturday night listening party in Westport. Gee Watts, the eldest member and de facto leader of the crew, sat beside the stage most of the evening, coaching along performers. When it came time for Kye to take the stage, however, Watts rose to his feet and gave a short testimonial before claiming that we should all strive to be a little more like Kye.

Kye also made a short speech, but fans were anxious to hear one of Kansas City hip-hop's most anticipated releases. Kye mostly sat atop a subwoofer at the back of the stage and quietly grooved to his music, but palpable joy filled the rainbow-lit room when he grabbed the mic to perform a few of the project's eight songs.

Ray Muney, A'Sean, Mike 2X, and Solomon performed before Kye's listening session and led the room in short sets full of local favorites that will later remind folks of summer 2017.

Full photo gallery here.

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