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Photo Gallery: Small Man / Jocko / Contrast / Liquid Swords at Awful House

Bee Traverse of Small Man
Two weeks ago today international straight edge supergroup Small Man joined together for a gig at Awful House. The group, which featured members of Mace, Baghead, and other DIY punk favorites, kicked off a weeklong U.S. tour with a short, quickly-learned but still cranked-up set of youth crew hardcore. Omaha rock band Jocko drove down to join in on this Edge Day celebration and performed a set that sat closer to Rage Against The Machine than Inside Out. Kansas City hardcore act Contrast had recently gone through a lineup change, but sprang back into action with a powerful set. Newcomers and punk-gone-hardcore Liquid Swords, featuring members of Anti-Seed, closed the evening out to a small group of friends.

Full photo gallery here.

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