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Photo Gallery: Brendan Wells' Plant Music / Caput Mortuum / Miss Lady / Mr. Matrix at Revolution Records

Brendan Wells' Plant Music
Minneapolis musician Brendan Wells is best known for his strange and aggressive punk bands, like Nerv and Uranium Club, but his current solo tour is one focused on inner peace. Wells spoke for nearly as long as he performed his music. He began his time with a mindfulness meditation exercise for the small crowd to take part in. The lights were shut off and attendees sat on the floor, alone with a set of colorful projections and the calm melodies emanating from Wells' synth. Following this first song, Wells spoke at length about his mental health journey and how embracing his passion for helping others and his interest in plants have recently improved his mood. Accordingly, a large potted plant spun atop a turntable placed to his side. He concluded his set with a cover of "The Garden" by Einsturzende Neubauten.

Wells was welcomed to town with the debuts of solo acts from three notable DIY musicians. Danni Parelman, of Chasm, performed as Caput Mortuum. A dark veil obscured her face as she sat on the floor with her guitar and a row of pedals creating a series of dark, psychedelic instrumental tracks.

Olivia Gibb, of Warm Bodies, performed under the alias Miss Lady. She played four original synthpop tracks from her phone as she marched in place and took on a pouting, toddler-like persona. Gibb denounced teeth-brushing on one indignant tune; another was all about clay.

Ian Teeple, also of Warm Bodies, became Mr. Matrix. He sported sunglasses and an all-black outfit, and played a 15-minute pre-recorded track from his laptop. This track featured sound effects and Teeple's voice narrating the plot of The Matrix through the eyes of Neo as he pantomimed along. Teeple opened the package, answered the phone, took the red pill, crawled underneath his table, and eventually staged a dramatic exit from the record store.

Full photo gallery here.

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