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Devil's Den - "Intruder" Stream

That was quick. Less than one week after the final Blindside USA show, four of the band's five members have reformed as Devil's Den and released an EP. Blindside bassist Max Chaney now holds the mic; the songs are shorter, and perhaps even meaner.

The Bandcamp bio offers an SS Decontrol reference, "HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE," hinting at its heavy Boston and New York hardcore influences. Razor-wire bass lines -- now handled by Daniel Evans -- rip through every track while Chaney howls line after misanthropic line about the lowest of the low. As gritty as these songs come across, there is still a precise, clean-cut feeling to them that should be a thrill to witness live.

Stream/download "Intruder" below and see the first Devil's Den show this Saturday.

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