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Hometown Highlights: Lonnie Terrell, Emmaline Twist, 1Bounce + more

Here's a treat for you, Kansas City: 15 new local tracks. We've got noise rockers covering nu-metal, some of the year's most ambitious hip-hop singles, and transmissions from a couple ex-pats. These should pair well with whatever leftover candy you're chewing on.

Lonnie Terrell - "Bitch My Name Terrell" (ft. Solomon)
Lonnie Terrell can brag and he can bounce. The No Alternatives rapper has dropped his first song and it's one of the most crucially fun Kansas City rap singles of the year. Solomon hops on near the end for a verse as memorable as the song's hook.

Rory Fresco - "Delusional"
Consider "Delusional" to be the evil twin of Rory Fresco's last single "Involved." Also produced in part by Taz Taylor, the new track and video are a perfect fit for the Halloween season. Rory tosses out heavy metal references over massive, sinister keytar licks and continues his hot streak in style.

Arc Flash - "Leaves"
Following a stellar debut LP earlier this year, Arc Flash is already back with two new songs. The single's A-side sounds like it could have been a scrapped piece of the previous record, but the B-side, "Leaves," is a different beast. The song is poppier than most of the band's catalog and offers a lighthearted switch-up from the band's usual math-ed out madness.

Hyperbor - "Wanderers Of The Void"
Lawrence stoner rockers Hyperbor are preparing their sophomore release "Mondo Violento" for mid-November and have offered up an initial tasting of it. "Wanderers Of The Void" is a sprawling, psychedelic slab of rock that should command the attention of any local metalhead. The track may sound like any old doom jam at its beginning, but after a few heavy chugs at the one minute mark, things get a whole lot sludgier.

Dead Dads Club - "Bible Belt Party Hoppin'"
Alice Ryan still hasn't made it to a real recording studio, but her songwriting is still shining bright. The lyrical content of "Bible Belt Party Hoppin'" lies in its title, but that doesn't make worth any less of a listen. It's the seventh song on the new album "Floo Medz."

1Bounce - "Money Calling" (ft. MB58 and Slap City)
Producer and DJ 1Bounce has returned with his sophomore project "Come Up Season." His 2015 debut "Thoughts Hinder Every1" showcased talents unknown to most of the city at the time like Aaron Alexander and Mae C. The new tape is a bit darker than the last and features a new cast of collaborators. One of its toughest tracks, "Money Calling," features knockout verses from local emcees MB58 and Slap City.

AyEl - "Rooftops In Kansas City"
AyEl is one of Kansas City's most polished R&B artists and has just released his third EP "Summer's Over, Vol. 1." This airy and emotional track is bolstered with an electric guitar and perfectly soundtracks a late summer sunset in the city.

Anna St. Louis - "Fire"
Most Kansas City locals likely know Anna St. Louis from her time playing in punk bands like Torben or Bloodbirds, but in 2015 she released an EP of solo demos. Her follow-up EP and first released on a label is titled "First Songs." Released via Mare Records, a new Woodsist imprint run by Kevin Morby, St. Louis is dishing out authentic heartland Americana from her new home in Los Angeles.

Kevin Morby - "Baltimore (Sky At Night)"
A Kansas Citian now living in Los Angeles singing about Baltimore while recording in New York. That's Kevin Morby singing his tribute "Baltimore (Sky At Night)." The new charity single is an outtake from his last two albums that he recorded a version of during both sessions. Both of those tracks are now available for purchase in support of a music education program.

Emmaline Twist - "Catch Like Fire"
The post-punk of Emmaline Twist strips away the abrasive nature of the genre's early days leaving only the moodiness. Added to that moodiness is a swirling touch of shoegaze not unlike that of Cocteau Twins and other favorites of the mid-to-late eighties. Vocalist/guitarist Meredith McGrade's haunting vocals and melancholy lyricism ("Don't drink that gasoline / My kisses will catch like fire") set this cut above the rest on the group's new EP "Dissimulation 1."

Namesake - "Vroom Vroom" (ft. PinkCaravan! and Sam Stan)
Earlier this year Kansas City producer Namesake produced the entirety of an EP called "A Very Sad Happy Birthday" with a St. Louis artist formerly known as JSMN. Now known as PinkCaravan!, it only makes sense that their zippy new collaboration from the two is called "Vroom Vroom." Caravan's bubbly tone and witty rhymes bring Namesake's sunny beat closer to the spotlight on this winner of a single.

Sydny August - "House In The Hills"
The guitar licks on "House In The Hills" play like a rainy day R&B ballad, but things get sped up to radio tempo with the help of a catchy breakbeat. The third song on Sydny August's debut EP, "6th Floor," showcases the KC-via-Chicago singer's flowery set of pipes and her pop music prowess.

Daniel Gum - "Emberz (Or Did You Forget My Number)"
Kansas City singer-songwriter Daniel Gum's 2015 LP "Reorient" relied heavily on bright piano chords and folksy instrumentation. His new EP "im not dead" features a set of more modern sounds. The classic piano sounds of "Reorient" are traded out for murkier keys and many of the EP's songs, including the reflective, standout cut "Emberz," feature tasteful bits of electronic manipulation that tie their melodies together.

Gee Watts - "My Mantra"
Most tracks that Gee Watts hops on aren't nearly this loud and blown-out, but that's why "My Mantra" packs such a punch. His mixtape "You Don't Deserve This" is still on the way and this latest drop from it shows Watts lambasting his competition for not stepping their game up. Watts is as indignant as ever as he sits atop his throne with chaos surrounding him.

Bummer - "The Beautiful People"
Bummer is a band known for its eardrum-rattling volume and its crude sense of humor. This Marilyn Manson cover has caught concert newcomers off guard and evoked knowing smiles from friends of the band each time it's been played live. Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, it's online for all to rock out to. Make note of the band's signature half-time headbang part near the end.

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