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The First Annual Shuttlecock Slam Dancer Awards

Shuttlecock Mosher illustration by Andres Hedrick.
Pit warriors, slam dogs, two-steppers, and pogo freaks (crowd-killers, maybe) in Kansas City can finally vote in a way that truly matters. I'm proud to announce The First Annual Shuttlecock Slam Dancer Awards. 


Voting is taking place now in all five categories: mosher of the year, pit newcomer of the year, best active local band/artist to mosh to, best touring act (from 2021) to mosh to, and best local venue to mosh at. 


The polls close on January 21, 2022 and winners will be announced in February 2022. (I can tell if you try to spam the poll or vote more than once. Don't try nothin'.) (Individual voters' selections will not be shared without their consent.)

Winners will receive a very fancy certificate, recognition in an upcoming issue of the magazine, and a free Shuttlecock merch bundle.

Click here to let your voice be heard.

Here's a handy little graphic you can edit and share to encourage your friends, family, and fans (if you have any) to vote for you or a local favorite of yours:

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